Zelda: Skyward Sword

  The newest trailer of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword had some interesting new footage in it. The most notable addition was a split-second image of a girl, pictured below, whose identity has yet to be revealed.Blau Bogen   …

zelda skyward sword special edition cover

Zelda Skyward Sword: Screenshots

Skyward Sword is less that 2 months away. With that in mind I have uploaded a load of screenshots that were just taking up space on my desktop. In the screenshots you can see a whole host of new enemies, an intriguing shield bar and Link flying on a bird suggesting that they are going back to the Link to the Past idea of flying for fast travel.

TX Coolrunner V3 glitch chip

Xecuter Coolrunner Demo Video Surfaces

The first video of Team Xecuter’s Coolrunner has surfaced. The video has been uploaded to the Gaming Now! Youtube account. You can see it booting in under 5 seconds the first time it’s switched on. You can then see it being switched on and off multiple times. Boot time averaging below 10 seconds. That’s super fast!

Xbox Dashboard Update – Fall 2011

Here is just some of that you can look forward to with the new fall 2011 dasboard updaate for xbox 360. New feaatures include “share with facebook” for achievements and gameplay progress updates. Youtube. Better Kinect integration, it’s now seamless between Kinect and contoller. And a new User Interface. I am calling this the “Metro Update”

Graffiti XGD3 logo

XGD3 Facts

XGD3 is here and has already been defeated thanks to C4Eva and his team. Here is the latest facts surrounding XGD3. Extra information provided by “hancock13” from xbox360iso. Thanks C4Eva and thanks hancock13 for allowing me to copy your thread and keep this post up to date.

It’s finally happened: New JTAG like Exploit for Slim and Phat 360s

New JTAG like exploit has been found for the Xbox 360. It’s been dubbed the Reset Glitch Hack. At the time of writing this only Xell is available but expect there to be a freeboot for it withing days. Welcome back the JTAG age, it’s no longer just for the lucky ones who managed to keep their Xbox from red ringing. All motherboards are compatable except Xenon boards (which was the launch mobo) including the latest Trinity (AKA slim) motherboard.

Gears of War 3: The New Weapons part 2

More weapons new for Gears 3: The Multi-Turret, The Vulacan Cannon and The Sawed-Off Shotgun. Multi-Turret houses multiple Lancers, Retro Lancers or Boomshots, The Vulcan is a two man portable turret of sorts, one to shot, one to carry the ammo box and reload. Sawed-Off is super high powered but very low range, you almost have to be touching your target with this gun but it’s an almost definite kill.

Gears of War 3: The New Weapons part 1

The Digger Launcher and The One-Shot are both new to Gears of War 3. Both these devastating new guns pack a punch. The One-Shot literally destroys your foes in one shot and the Digger Launcher fires projectiles that dig underground and can pass under cover before shooting up and exploding by your enemy. Additionally the Digger Launcher can be shot through an enemy’s chest at close range.

IGN Build a Wii U!

IGN have made the closest possible representation of what the next Generation Nintendo console, the Wii-U, could perform like. They have built a custom triple core PC (clocked at 3.2Ghz but that will likely be higher in the Wii-U) with …

First clear pics of the Wii U

As you may be aware Nintendo never done a reveal of the new console at E3, instead opting to show off the tablet based controller instead. There are now fairly clear pictures of the console which still looks an awful …