Netflix on Xbox 360

Watch TV and Movies with
Hulu Plus on Xbox 360

Enjoy unlimited instant streaming of popular TV shows and movies with Hulu Plus on Xbox Live. Use the technology of Kinect to play, pause or rewind TV shows and movies with the wave of your hand or the sound of your voice.

Always Something New

With Hulu Plus, Xbox Live users can instantly watch* thousands of TV episodes – including the entire current season of popular shows like Modern Family, Glee, Saturday Night Live, The Office, Dancing with the Stars, The Biggest Loser, House, and Grey’s Anatomy – from top networks including ABC, Comedy Central, FOX, NBC, MTV, and many more. Hulu Plus also offers entertainment fans access to classic TV favorites like Lost, Ally McBeal, and The Hills, and hundreds of popular and award-winning movies.

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Subscribe to Hulu Plus

Watching Hulu Plus on Xbox Live requires a Gold membership and a Hulu Plus subscription. If you're already a Gold member, sign up for Hulu Plus for only $7.99/month with limited advertising.

All in One Place

It's a breeze to review or update your Hulu Plus queue directly from Xbox 360. Quickly search for new TV shows or movies by title, or browse by genre. Your Hulu Plus account is accessible across multiple online connected devices, so you can start watching on your console then continue watching on your PC or smartphone.

Voice and Gesture Control

The technology of Kinect for Xbox 360 makes Hulu Plus even better. Control TV shows you’re watching by using your voice as the remote control. Find what you want to watch quickly, just say it out loud and Kinect finds it. Play, pause, fast-forward and rewind any show you are watching using only your voice or a wave of your hand.

Whenever You Want It

Forget planning your schedule around your favorite television programs. With Hulu Plus, choose what to watch and when to watch it in streaming high-definition.

Hulu Plus requires an Xbox Live Gold membership and a Hulu Plus membership (sold separately). See Hulu Plus Terms of Use for full details. Xbox Live Party Mode also requires an Xbox Live Gold Membership. Kinect Sensor (sold separately) required for voice search, voice and gesture controls. $7.99/month, featuring limited advertising. Cancel anytime. Wireless broadband required.