c4eva Spoke! (2011-11-17 #fw)

[2011-11-17 07:44AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hello
[2011-11-17 07:52AM UTC] #fw <skynets> c4eva if ms can update dae anytime it wants does that mean it's over for modders?
[2011-11-17 07:54AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> skynets:no :)

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  1. avatar D09 says:

    Wow this is incredible. After. A while of waiting for some news of C4Eva on Hitachi and still no news yet he spoke an hour ago and nothing wow!

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  2. avatar Melvin.FoX says:

    D09 – I am also waiting for some news about Hitachi and there is only moaning of people already playing XGD3 on Live :(

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  3. avatar gingeee85 says:

    jesus give it a rest about hitachi, you should count yourselfs lucky

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  4. avatar MadDemon says:

    sorry i cant count on c4eva anymore..

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    • avatar gingeee85 says:

      why its not his fault ms are playing hard ball and he has stated a fix is in the works, jesus what more do you want?????

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    • avatar mykel says:

      why dont you go out there and take on MS by your self and write your own firmware if c4 is so unreliable. this man is a genius and so is the entire xecuter team and that all can just wipe their hands of this anytime they want and leave us hanging but they dont they keep working to make us happy with no monetary gain so why dont you keep your mouth shut cause the negative comments arent needed

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  5. avatar cosmoo says:

    moaning about not getting your free firmware sooner is like moaning about getting £100 for free and complaining that they gave you it in £20 notes!!!

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  6. avatar kmos says:

    ok just have 1 question, i have a Sammy SM25, do i have to worry for this a.p25? dont know if its the same as the ones on the old games

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  7. avatar Guest says:

    Come on! where is hitachis? are you kidding me? what will do the testers? 8 days from latest c4eva sayd hitachi bug found and fixed = re-testing. you much days you want for testing? 1 month? omg!

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  8. avatar jarjarbinks says:

    @kmos i wish i could strangle you until your eyes popped outta socket for asking that question after all the crap the rest of us have gone through these past 24 hours, sammy has no ap2.5 checks you fkn n00b!

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  9. avatar Barros says:

    MIcrosoft epic win :S O.o

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  10. avatar darren says:

    what i want to know is are xgd2 non ap25 games safe for xbl???

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