Nintendo 3DS Overtakes PS3 Lifetime Sales in Japan

The might of Nintendo shouldn’t be underestimated, never mind that their hardware tends to be underpowered among the many home game consoles segment – a minimum of from the N64 onwards. The Nintendo 3DS, that’s almost about to celebrate its second birthday in existence, has achieved quite a milestone in its home, Japan. Apparently, the Nintendo 3DS has overtaken the Sony PS3 when it comes to lifetime sales, that’s quite an achievement considering how the PS3 has over four years when it comes to a head start.

In fact, this historical moment was achieved last week as Nintendo sold another 211,499 3DS systems inside the week of December 3rd alone, mentioning Nintendo 3DS lifetime sales inside the Land of the Rising Sun to a whopping 8,799,378, making it 80,000 or so greater than the PS3′s lifetime sales of 8,716,260. Do you own a Nintendo DS and what sort of time have you ever spent with it up to now, and do you furthermore may own a PS3?

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