Gear of war Judgement Review – Not as exciting as previous games but still excellent

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Date : Friday 22 March 2013
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Many years have passed since the launch of the first Gear of War. This series is still the king of its genre. And here it is, the fifth installment of the best third person shooter ever made “Gear of war Judgement “. But does this game live up to its predecessors? gear of war judgement review 2


In “Judgement Campaign ” , the story set  many years before the  fist Gear of war .  Damon Baird is  your new protagonist now along with an old face like Augustus Cole . ( You will see these two guys look a lot younger than before lol :D ) No Marcus Fenix , No Dom here .  The story begins by seeing “Kilo Team” arrested for treason and all team members are escorted to a military court.  With new characters like Cadet ” Sophia Hendrick , Garron Paduk  and different timeline . We have a chance  to see Gear of war story in another perspective  and it is good. But I have to admit that it is still no match compared to intense plots of previous games .

As for the “Aftermath Campaign “  ( You have to play Judgement for a while to unlock this one) , You play as Baird during the event of the battle at Asura (GOW3) .

Gear of war Judgement gameplay

gear of war judgement review 3

Game control is similar to previous games . If you have ever played some game in this franchise before then you don’t even need a tutorial.  But you can hold only two weapons at a time now. ( including pistol) In judgement campaign , the developer has introduced some new game mechanics to players. The most prominent one is a “Declassify mission” . During the judgement campaign , you will see the red skull sign ( see the screenshot above) prior to entering every combats. If you interact with these signs . You will be offered to take a challenge and get better reward later in return of fighting in harder circumstance. For instance, you have to shoot enemies with shotgun only, less ammunition , more and additional enemy resistance or even you have to clear all locusts in time or you die smile emoticon. For those of you who don’t want to finish this game so easy , you gonna love it. Another newly-introduced gameplay is a “position defending ” that let you stand your ground to protect something or survive from enemy waves.  However , Aftermath campaign gameplay is very much like a tradition Gear of war games with no Declassify mission.


Honestly , its graphic isn’t so much different from the first Gear of War . I don’t mean it’s bad , It is great and already reached the maximum potential of Xbox360 since  the first one. If you want to see the more beautiful Gear of War , then it must be in the next generation console.


Brilliant online features of Gear of war are always the reason  to keep playing this game after finish campaign mode. Epic games really never let us down for this. Gear of war Judgement still deliver a satisfying multiplayer experience to players in both competitive and cooperative .  If you just want to have fun by shooting some one or execute your opponents brutally  then team deathmatch and free-for-all can be your best choice. Or you can test your survival skill and teamwork in Survival and Overrun mode.  ( Beast and Horde mode is replaced with these two modes ) In these two modes , you have to defend your position from waves of enemies. The difference between these two modes is that in Survival mode your opponents are AI but in Overrun , your enemies are controlled by real human players.The fun is that in order to survive from waves , you and your teammates have to cooperate with each other really well. Each player has to know their role. For instance , if you play engineer , you duty is to repair fortifications and set up turrets . On the other hand , don’t fight on the frontline if you are a medic.gear of war judgement review 4

Gear of war Judgement Review verdict

Although some of their attempt to add new things still uneven with their previous games.  Gear of war Judgement is still an awesome third person shooter .

Pros + :  Stunning Visual , Declassify missions can heat up the gameplay , Classes system encourage teamwork in muliplayer.

Cons - : Compared to previous games – the story isn’t that intriguing , Tedious Aftermath campaign


Overall : 8.5 Great

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