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Scareparty - Ghost Game for Android

Scare Party Review

The horror genre is a very popular one, especially now when some of the best horror games ever have been released over the past couple of years. But not a whole lot of them offer a multi-player feature and simple gameplay. For mobile phones, it is pretty much unheard of. At least, it was until Scare Party for Android.

Meant as a casual round-robin kind of app, there are two games that can be played by up to four people. You start with the first player, then make your way steadily through each one, giving you each a turn for up to ten rounds. You can switch games during these rounds, until the end of your turn.

Scare Party for Android

Game One - Ghost Finder

The first game is Ghost Finder. You have thirty seconds to tilt and move the mobile device to search the area around you. Your mission is to find the ghost as quickly as possible before the timer runs out.

Game Two - Ghost Static

The second game is Ghost Static. You have sixty seconds to touch as many ghosts as you can. They will pop up on screen, allowing you to quickly tap each one. The more you touch, the more points you gain.

While they are simple games, there is a genuinely creepy feel to them. They are also a lot of fun to play with friends. So turn out the lights, sit in a circle and start looking for ghosts!

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