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Upper Up iPhone Game Review

I am a sucker for simple little app games. I find that the more focused it is on gameplay rather than graphics, the more addictive it is. Sure, these games aren't the super challenging, mini versions of console or PC games we have come to expect with the newer versions of apple devices. But they have their own charm, just like flash games, and I love to waste as much time as possible playing them.

Upper Up is a great example of that kind of game.

How It Works

You play as a kid riding in a colorful balloon, moving through the clouds. The object is to collect 50 stars to win the game. In the meantime you also collect coins, suns, men in the moon and other little power up items. The challenge comes from the many different adversaries and objects you have to avoid along the way. Get hit too often, and you are out of luck.

What People Are Saying

This is a really new app, and it costs $1.29, which makes it a slower release. I have had trouble finding other people who have played it, so I encouraged some friends to buy it and try it out. They have the same reaction I did: it is a mind numbing, addictive game that is a lot of fun. You find yourself playing it much longer than you intended, which is a sign of a good time waster to me.

Try it for yourself!

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