Spring 2011 Dashboard Update: XGD3 and PayPal

Written by William on May 12, 2011 and posted in Uncategorized.

Xbox spring dashboard update to include support for Xbox game disk format (XGD3) and PayPal integration.

According to Joystiq they have received images from a Microsoft Tech Support employee citing May 19th as the start date for rolling out the new dashboard. It will be rolled out in 6 phases occurring between the 19th of May and the 30th of May.

There is little to add on the user front other that the much requested addition of PayPal as a payment option. You will soon be able to pay for your Xbox Live Gold Subscription and Microsoft Points using your paypal account. This will be welcome news for a lot of people including myself.

The other addition to the dashboard is support for the new XGD3 (Xbox Game Disk v.3)

It was suspected that Hulu Plus and Avatar Kinect would be included in this dash update but both these applications are going to be avilable as app downloads. Hulu Plus already being available now for download. Avatar Kinect will be available 27th May.

Note: I myself cannot find this on Joystiq.