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Zombies & Bacon… apparently a perfect combo haha Make sure to check out the 10 best routers to buy in 2018, so that you have a better and faster connection to play your games. Read more if you want …

Minecraft Wallpapers

Minecraft wallpapers created by the growing Minecraft community, great to see so many artists finding a format to share their art. Find more amazing Minecraft art on DeviantArt.

Anodyne: start screen

Anodyne Review

Anodyne is an engaging top-down dungeon crawler by the two-man team of Sean Hogan and Jonathan Kittaka. While the game bears more than a passing resemblance to older Zelda titles, there is certainly enough originality on display here to judge …

zelda master sword shrine cake

10 Super Awesome Zelda Cakes

Do you love cake? I do! And even better when it’s Zelda cake. Majora’s Mask Cake   Via cakecrumbs. Zelda Birthday Cake with Cupcakes By jescos. Link and Zelda Wedding Cake By groomstand. Nintendo 64 Zelda Cake Made by Tracey …

Game Dev Story banner

Game Dev Story Guide

Play through the story of Sunny Studios. The little development company with big dreams. Game Dev Story from Kairosoft is highly addictive but sometimes it’s hard to do well. Here’s a guide to help you out.