Majora’s Mask 3D for Wii U or 3DS – Is It Real?

Written by Will on January 28, 2013 and posted in Game Art.

UPDATE – Nov 7th 2014: Majora’s Mask is getting a remake. It’s been in the works since 2011, right after Ocarina of Time 3D was completed, and is set to get a Summer 2015 release on the 3DS.

Following the announcement of Wind Waker HD for Wii U there has been fresh speculation surrounding Majora’s Mask Wii-U or Majora’s Mask 3D.

I’d like the remake, if one were made, on the 3DS. It’d site nicely next to my Ocarina of Time 3D and A Link Between Worlds.

The fact that they have announced Wind Waker HD instead of a MM or A Link to the Past came as a surprise to me. Considering that Shigeru Miyamoto said in June it was Majora’s Mask VS A Link to the Past I expected one of those 2 in the announcement. Update: Maybe ALttP won because A Link Between 2 Worlds came out for 3DS.

I’d just like to point out that the images in this post are fan made. No official announcement from Nintendo to support a release and there’s no Majora’s Mask remake in development as far as anyone knows.

UPDATE: Nobody knew it was in the works but it was. Due for release Summer 2015 Majora’s Mask 3DS looks to already be a big hit 🙂

Majora’s Mask 3DS Console Concept

There was an image that I’d seen floating around the internet a while ago hinting at Majora’s Mask 3D on 3DS. The image was of a limited edition purple Majora’s Mask edition 3DS and it looked even better than the other limited edition 3DS consoles!

Majora's Mask 3DS console

Here’s Sharindan’s mock-up of what a Majora’s Mask 3DS could look like

This was never claimed as an official release however people all over the internet started to think it was. There was even an advert created that supported the MM 3DS release.

Majora's mask 3d poster advert

This is the advert that was created to support the release of Majora’s Mask 3D

Both of these are entirely fan made. Nintendo have not confirmed they plan to release this for the 3DS.

Moonfall Console Concept for Zelda Wii U

Majora's mask wii u moonfall edition

The Moofall Edition of the Wii U

Same goes for a Wii U remake of Majora’s Mask. Nintendo have not confirmed anything. This image is also fan made by the same artist who done the Purple Zelda 3DS.

No Majora’s Mask Remake for 3DS or Wii-U

As of yet there has been no official announcement about a Majora’s Mask HD remake so I believe this to be wishful thinking on the part of Zelda fans. There is always the chance they are be working on this but with the 2 brand new games: A Link Between Worlds and Zelda Wii U on  top of the Wind Waker High-Def remake I doubt they’d have time to work on this as well.

Majora’s Mask Wii U and 3DS Concepts

There is a few other designs that Sharindan-Dragon has posted. Here’s a gallery of everything Majora’s Mask 3D he’s shared.