Adventure, Fun, And Excitement With Zombie Games

Written by Will on February 14, 2013 and posted in Reviews and Opinions.

Zombies are your common enemies on many video games. Zombie games never fail to excite you. This craze was inspired by the flesh and brain eating monsters from the horror films of the past decades. The Classic movie Night of the Living Dead started it all and since then, zombies evolved to become your favorite opponent, of course there are other games that doesn’t have the fictional part and are more based on war as csgo, and since are more advanced, sometimes people go online to find ways to improve their gaming with the help of sites like

Nothing can ever stop people from playing adventurous zombie games. The influx of these games is uncontrollable. The undead are stronger than ever. Here are some of the finest zombie games:

Resident Evil

The popularity of this game reached unexpected heights that it was even adapted to several movie versions. The setting is a haunted house. Claire is an average college girl searching for her missing brother. The streets were flooded with zombies.  You have to be careful as the ammos are very limited.

Left for Dead

You survived a zombie outbreak together with three others. You need to fulfill different missions and battle scenarios to get away from the city. This online game requires teamwork to be able to accomplish your tasks. The zombies here are swift and eager to eat you out. You need a strategy to beat the zombies. There is Smoker, one with a long tongue, Hunter is another zombie who can leap and claw you to death. Boomer releases goo to attract fellow zombies when killed. Tank is capable to give you some punishment.

House of the Dead

This game has been critically acclaimed for years. Thomas Rogan is an AMS agent who answers a phone call from his distressed fiancée, Sophie. The lady is a worker at the house of geneticist and biochemist Dr. Curien.

Rogan and G, his partner rushes to the scene only to realize that zombies and other creatures had infested the place. The challenge of game is how to get more lives. You are only given three lives on the start. You can easily lose these lives by an attack from the enemy and if you shoot a civilian. Lost lives are regained by rescuing civilians and through lives hidden in boxes.

Dead Island

There are four characters in the island of Banoi. One of them is you. All four are resistant to the zombie virus. There are fast zombies everywhere. Your duty is to help other survivors take shelter from the horde of zombies. You are asked to hunt lost loved ones and repair generators to keep electricity going.

The zombies are fast but nothing beats booting them in the face.  There are boat oar, driving knives, claw hammers, and crowbars to help you deal with your enemies.

Zombie games are here to stay.  They are fun and exciting. You have to be careful though. The zombies are out there waiting to devour your brain.

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