Gear of war Judgement – The fourth installment of the best FPS game ever made

Written by Henry on March 24, 2013 and posted in Reviews and Opinions.

Epic Games was fully aware of the fact that “Gears of War” was one of their most popular video game franchises, which is why it is not surprising that they worked hard on designing and developing their newest installment – Gears of War Judgment – in order to add another notch to their gaming belt of success.  Even though many gamers and critics alike thought that there was no way that they could fail to impress true fans any more than the previous games already have, they have all been proven wrong as Gears of War Judgment has proven to be one of the best games – if not the very best – the franchise has yet to offer.

The Inspiration & Lead Characters

Gears of War Judgment forces the shooter to heavily depend on quickly finding and effectively using cover – whether it’s behind walls, burned out vehicles or even blocks – in order to defeat the wide variety of enemies looking to destroy you as you make your way through the game.  Most dedicated Gears of War fans know that the main inspiration for this game was the classic Namco game, kill.switch, but Gears of War Judgment reviews have proven that Epic Games has been able to escalate this franchise far beyond the imaginative and creative boundaries of any game that came before it.

Cole, Marcus, Baird and Dom have maintained their roles in the previous games within this franchise, but things are a little different this time around. Marcus was discharged from the squad and Dom has passed away so Baird and Cole are the only past characters that are in this new installment. They are also joined by several new faces that most fans will fall in love with soon after they have been introduced into the storyline.

Gear of War Judgment Review – The Timing and Gameplay

Gears of War Judgment gameplay screenshot

Gears of War Judgment is actually a prequel to the first two Gears of War games and occurs towards the end of the third installment, beginning with the lead characters still on trial for treason.  Everything that you would expect to have within a Gears game is featured within this new franchise addition.  High quality movement along with clever enemy AI and computer-controlled Kilo teammates will make it extremely easy for you to become engaged within the game itself and feel as if you are right there fighting along with them.

The intense soundtracks of this franchise have always been perfect at setting the mood and keeping gamers on the edge of their seats; the music in this new installment does not fail to disappoint as it manages to maintain its reputation.  The cutting-edge graphics will truly leave your jaw dropped down to the floor as you are mesmerized and fully engaged for countless hours and even days at a time.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Gears of War Judgment is an amazing game that will make a high quality investment for your video game collection.  Whether you have repeatedly played the previous games in the franchise from start to finish or you have never played a single one of them at all, Gears of War Judgment will prove to be one of the best first-person shooters that you have ever played in a very long time.