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Written by Will on January 26, 2013 and posted in Game Storylines.
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Inside Hyrule Historia Nintendo document The Legend of Zelda timeline in chronological order. It was hotly debated in the Zelda fanbase about what game came when and how, and sometimes if, the stories even connected. Nintendo had spoken of a master document which connected to the Zelda timeline together but until the release of the Historia it wasn’t ever made public.

Now we know what order the game are in, where each story places in the timeline and how each affected the next game. I’ve been able to see some amazing things in games I never considered before knowing the order of the games.

The Legend of Zelda Timeline Split

Skyward Sword is the game farthest back in the Timeline. Then is Minish Cap and Four Swords. After that is Ocarina of Time. This is the point where things starts to get a bit more interesting.

The Ocarina of Time Timeline Splits

Zelda timeline splits from OoT

This is the point where the 3 possible timelines occur

There are 3 possible outcomes to Ocarina of Time. The 2 that were already somewhat known: Child Link timeline and the Future Timeline. These 2 parallel timelines occurred by Zelda removing the time travel restrictions of the sword and allowing Link to travel back and forth through time. The 3rd is the outcome that Link failed to resurface, Gannon wins and the world is left in tatters.

The Legend of Zelda Timeline Split 1 – Childhood

When Link opens the door of time and is put to sleep until adulthood he then has the ability to go back in time and change the future he woke in. He does this and defeats Gannon but is then returned to his childhood – where he continues on to Majora’s Mask.

The Legeond of Zelda Timeline Split 2 – Future

This timeline split occurs the moment when Link first goes back in time. The Future timeline persists without Link traveling back in time, and not altering the Future. He defeats Gannon and the Sages seal him away but he later escapes the seal and there is no Hero to surface. Without the Hero of Time the Gods are forced to flood Hyrule leading to the watery lands of Wind Waker.

The LEgend of Zelda Timeline Split 3 – Gannon Defeats Link

The 3rd split from Ocarina of time is the one where Link fails to defeat Gannon. In this timeline the Sealing War occurs and Gannon is sealed until the events of A Link to the Past

Take the timeline split of Link failing to defeat Gannon. Gannon wouldn’t have allowed the Deku Sprout to flourish and grow, since the tree sent Link on the journey to defeat him. It would have just stayed as it did when it you defeat Queen Gohma. Considering the first ever Legend of Zelda on the NES’s first dungeon is entered via an old, dead, tree and that game is in that timeline split where Link failed. It’s fair to assume that the tree is the dead Deku Tree from Ocarina of Time!

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Hyrule Historia gave fans an official Legend of Zelda Timeline to follow

Hyrule Historia gave fans an official Legend of Zelda Timeline to follow.

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