zelda master sword shrine cake

10 Super Awesome Zelda Cakes

Do you love cake? I do! And even better when it’s Zelda cake. Majora’s Mask Cake   Via cakecrumbs. Zelda Birthday Cake with Cupcakes By jescos. Link and Zelda Wedding Cake By groomstand. Nintendo 64 Zelda Cake Made by Tracey …

beginning of the legend of zelda timeline

The legend of Zelda Timeline

The whole Legend of Zelda timeline was revealed by Nintendo in Hyrule Historia. There are 3 timeline splits: the Adult Era, the Child Era and one where Link fails to defeat Gannon!

Hand made baby blanket depicting "The Legend of Zelda" Link. Created pixel perfect and stitched by a loving gradmother

Zelda… For Kids!

Zelda is an experience not just a game, let the creator take you on an adventure. And when you have a kid you do exactly the same thing – it’s an adventure. Someone has combined both to create an excellent piece …

zelda skyward sword special edition cover

Zelda Skyward Sword: Screenshots

Skyward Sword is less that 2 months away. With that in mind I have uploaded a load of screenshots that were just taking up space on my desktop. In the screenshots you can see a whole host of new enemies, an intriguing shield bar and Link flying on a bird suggesting that they are going back to the Link to the Past idea of flying for fast travel.