10 Super Awesome Zelda Cakes

Written by Will on May 21, 2013 and posted in Crafts.

Do you love cake? I do! And even better when it’s Zelda cake.

Majora’s Mask Cake

Zelda Majora's Mask Cake Complete


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Via cakecrumbs.

Zelda Birthday Cake with Cupcakes

By jescos.

Link and Zelda Wedding Cake

By groomstand.

Nintendo 64 Zelda Cake

Made by Tracey with Black Cherry Cake Company.

Windwaker Island Cake

zelda windwaker island cake

By Quirky Confectioner.

Two Tier Zelda Cake

two tier zelda cake

By DeviantArtist see-through-silence.

Link Cupcake

zelda cupcakes

By Reddit user upvotes-to-the-left

Forest Shrine Cake

zelda shrine cake

By notoriouscupcakes.

Overworld Cake

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Photos courtesy of Aaron Walker, who brought destruction to the Cake Land of Hyrule.