Zelda Skyward Sword: Screenshots

Written by William on September 26, 2011 and posted in Uncategorized.
Artwork for the game shown at E3 2009

Image via Wikipedia

It’s not long now until Skyward Sword hits stores, less than 2 months, so I thought I would share some screenshots with you that are just sitting on my desktop doing nothing but blocking my wallpaper.

Worldwide release date: 18th November 2011
Platform: Wii
controls: Full motion control with a Wii-mote and uncheck. Requires Wii Motion Plus
Special Edition: Comes with a gold Wii Motion Plus wii-mote emblazoned with the Hyrule emblem and a CD featuring orchestral music performed at the 25th anniversary.

In the screenshots you can see an array of new enemies and some old favorites like the skull warrior and lizard looking very much like the versions from Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess. The art style of the game uses cell shaded graphics like Wind Waker and Twilight Princess but thankfully they are edging far more towards Twilight Princess than Wind Waker.

Look at the color of Link’s tunic. It appears that they have taken the color palette from the great Snes iteration: A Link to the Past. That’s good news for me. I loved that game. 😀

Also notice that there is a screenshot of you flying on the back of a giant bird. That again is a little nod back to A Link to the Past, where you use a bird to fast travel. I suspect that both fast travel and free flying will be available in Skyward Sword.

Have a look at them here