Xecuter Coolrunner Demo Video Surfaces

Written by William on September 23, 2011 and posted in Uncategorized.

Demos of new Reset Glitch Hack (RGH) chips have surfaced since the implementation of the hack. We have seen numerous different teams take the idea and build replicas on what GliGli had created. Other teams started to modify the design slightly to tweak boot speed. It would only take a few seconds to find a video of the “Matrix Glitcher”, said to be the fastest chip on the market. What a lot of companies have done is created a glitch chip and a NAND reader/writer that works well together but practically any Xbox 360 NAND reader/writer will be compatible with most, if not all of the chips available.

With all the demo videos from these chips providing practically free advertising through the wonderful medium of Social Media I had to wonder “Why is Team Xecuter, the biggest name in the 360 modders scene, not showing off their new TX Coolrunner glitch chip?”.

Well I looked and I found out that a brand new video has indeed surfaced and it is super fast. From what I see it boots just as fast as my 360 anyhow. If there is a difference it’s only slight… and getting on Xbox Live eats up more precious gaming seconds that booting with this does anyway.

I have seen many demonstrations of different chips this last month from everyone who is trying to push their product out quickly. Untill now we hadn’t seen any working models of Coolrunner, and we are yet too! But what we have seen is a new video demoing the Collrunner in action. Here’s the video:

Along with the video TX have also dropped some new info on the product including an expected final production date of this weekend and that no expensive Actel IC is needed to establish a fast stable boot. That is good news for the price and the release date but there’s more good news. Slim boot times are just about the same as the boot time shown in the video, Falcon and Zephyr boards compatibility has been added and is now being optimized and a debug LED has been added in line with GliGli’s new Reset Glitch Hack v1.1

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