E3 2011 PS4 reveal

Could we also be getting some news of a PS4 at E3 2011? It’s been confirmed as already under development but with today’s leak of the wii 2‘s astronomically high specifications could Sony be up for a reveal on some …

TX Coolrunner V3 glitch chip

Xecuter Coolrunner Demo Video Surfaces

The first video of Team Xecuter’s Coolrunner has surfaced. The video has been uploaded to the Gaming Now! Youtube account. You can see it booting in under 5 seconds the first time it’s switched on. You can then see it being switched on and off multiple times. Boot time averaging below 10 seconds. That’s super fast!

Graffiti XGD3 logo

XGD3 Facts

XGD3 is here and has already been defeated thanks to C4Eva and his team. Here is the latest facts surrounding XGD3. Extra information provided by “hancock13” from xbox360iso. Thanks C4Eva and thanks hancock13 for allowing me to copy your thread and keep this post up to date.

First clear pics of the Wii U

As you may be aware Nintendo never done a reveal of the new console at E3, instead opting to show off the tablet based controller instead. There are now fairly clear pictures of the console which still looks an awful …

New Xbox 360 Optical Drive Discovered

Turns out Microsoft are throwing out new DVD drive models left right and center these days in hopes to curb piracy on their console. This new Disk Drive is a Slim Lite-on DG-16D4S with a firmware version of 0401, manufactured …