Let’s make Papercraft! – Link, Creeper, Enderman and Master Chief Cubee

Written by Will on July 4, 2012 and posted in Papercraft and Uncategorized.

Papercraft – Let’s make Papercraft!

Papercraft – my girlfriend and I have made tons of it lately. I have worked on loads of different game papercrafts, she has focused on just Minecraft.

This is 8-bit-3D link papercraft model from the original Legend of Zelda on the NES

My first large papercraft.  

My first papercraft was a Minecraft Creeper. I measured, coloured, cut and stuck it all by hand. The second one I made was 8-bit 3D Link from the original Legend of Zelda on the NES. Both of these had fairly obvious and consistent pixel size within the games so it wasn’t too much hassle to do everything by hand. After their success I wanted to do something more complicated. I definitely did not want to measure up everything by hand, realize I made a mistake and have to start again – so from then on I printed off my schematics.

standard green minecraft creeper paper model (papercraft) made by me

This is the Creeper papercraft I made. It’s a character from Minecraft on both Xbox 360 and PC

While I was making my first paper models my girlfriend was making some too. She made an amazing looking Enderman and then started making a Minecraft tree. She began printing her models at that point and started making tons of grass blocks and the Mobs from Minecraft. Her Enderdragon is pretty freaking sweet but you’ll need to come back another day to see that one 😉

Minecraft enderman papercraft model

This is the Enderman papercraft my Girlfriend before she had completed the colouring of it.

I made the owl statue from majora's mask out of paper

Who else hated the Owl in Ocarina of Time? LOL

My first complicated papercraft model was the Owl Statue from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. I had problems figuring out how to make the wings and the lower part of the beak but I improvised a little and trial and error helped me eventually figure it out.

Who else hated the owl in Ocarina of Time? I tried so many times to backflip past him every time I left the forest for the first time LOL!

I had printed out a few cubee papercafts and asked some of the fans over on my Facebook Page to decide what one I built next. Master Chief was chosen by a user named “Angel” so I made it and uploaded a picture.

I’m working on loads more of these so expect Let’s make Papercraft! to be a continuing thing. If you want to see my latest papercrafts as soon as I complete them then check out the Facebook page which is where I’m most likely to upload them as I finish. Or you could look at my Papercraft Gallery where I will be uploading tons of pics of all of my creations.