New Xbox 360 Slim Motherboard Revision: “Corona” – HANA chip gone?!?

Written by Will on October 22, 2011 and posted in Technology and Gadgets.
Habemus Xbox Slim

Image by ீ ๑ Adam via Flickr


This new motherboard revision was found in a Forza 4 250GB Go Pack with a matte black finish.


  • New “Corona” type motherboard
  • 1071 Disk Drive
  • MFR Date of: 17/08/2011
  • The PSU goes from 10.83A (for the Trinity style motherboards of original 360S consoles) to 9.86A.

The most noticable visual difference between the boards is that the HANA chip appears to be missing. There is a suggestion that the HANA and SouthBridge have been put together into 1 chip on this new motherboard. The fact that the HANA has been integrated with the SouthBridge may have serious implications for the new Reset Glitch Hack. It has been suggested that the new mobo revision has been designed to combat the RGH but if you look at the MFR date it was manufactured back in August, before the RGH was discovered/made public – so unless Microsoft knew about this exploit before it was public this mobo was not designed specifically to stop it and even then it takes months to design and make a motherboard. That being said there may prove to be a problem for the hack and work in MS benefit even if it wasn’t intended too! There may be alternatives to using the HANA chip for timing of the hack but… moving the HANA chip may not even cause any problems with the hack, it’s all just speculation at the moment. Only time will tell if this is good for Microsoft or good for the Pirates.

  • Reset Glitch Hack on Slim By GliGli (