How to turn the power on in Green Run Tranzit – Black Ops 2

Written by Will on November 18, 2012 and posted in Guides and Walkthroughs.

Turning on the power in Black Ops 2 Tranzit

As soon as you start playing Tranzit on Green Run your trying to turn on the power and you build the Wind Turbine right away lol. That is one Zombies’ power sources but there is another form of power, a permanent one that powers up all the perk-a-cola vending machines and triggers a few cool things and Easter Eggs. It’s in the Lab/Power Station and it requires 3 parts to build – they are all there in the Lab near the workbench.


The quickest and safest way to turn the power on is:

  1. Get on the bus as soon as possible and don’t get off
  2. Get to the Power area on the bus
  3. Open the shed door
  4. Find the 3 items
  5. Flick the switch to turn the power on and wait
  6. Run for the bus

The Lab – This is where you turn the power on

This is a video guide I found on YouTube from the user motherofgod4 that shows you how to turn on the power once you reach the Lab and he also points out the Electric Zombie to you.

The Lab is inside the tiny wooden shed at the 4th Bus Stop, it’s the next stop after the farm. On the side of the shed is the MP5 if you need a weapon. It’s the only weapon at this stop and once you enter the Lab you might not be able to get back up until you turn the power on so I suggest if your even remotely low on ammo you should buy it.

Open the shed door with 750 points and then drop down into the Lab. There’s no way to climb back up here so get the MP5 before you fall down. There are 3 build pieces down here and you need them all to turn on the power. There are a few locations the items could be so I’ll list the items then the possible locations.

Black Ops 2 Tranzit turn the power on. This is the generator where the electric zombie emerges

This is the machine in the big white room of the lab. The chamber coming from the top of the machine contains the Electric Zombie

Items needed to turn the power on

  • The Circuit Board
  • The Switch/Lever
  • The Arm

Location of items to turn on the power in Black Ops 2

From the point that you drop into the room the possible locations are:

  1. On the left before you leave the first room.
  2. At the corner of the railing – to the right when you enter the middle white room – before you go down the stairs.
  3. Next to the barrels on the left at the bottom of the stairs.
  4. At the top of the very next set of steps – in the middle.
  5. Take a right at the top of the steps and go to the end of the corridor where you’re blocked by 2 pipes. Next to the outer wall here can sometimes have a piece.
  6. In the final room (at the top of the steps) there are 3 possible places: on the table to the left of the bench, on the table to the right or on the wall facing the workbench.

Once you find all 3 of the pieces you can turn the power on wuth the switch you’ve just built next to the bench. It takes around about 30 seconds for the power to finally come on once you flick the switch. When it comes on you can run through the shutter door that opens in the workbench room and go up the steps. At the top of the steps is the next workbench and going around the room there is a gap to jump over. If your careful you can also fall down the gap to a floor below where the wire is located and some of the other build pieces for the Electric Trap.

To get out of here you must go over the gap and round the room to the holes in the building and jump down to where the bus stops. Be careful when you jump down – if the bus is there then you will be trapped in a very small area until it moves or you climb over it (if your lucky enough to have the ladders on the bus that is).

Video guide to turn on the power in Tranzit

Additional points of note

There’s a few things in this part of the map that are worth knowing about but aren’t related to turning on the power. But turning the power on is actually part of one of the biggest achievements in the game – Tower of Babble – which I’ll be covering in the next day or two.

Open the hatch to the Pack-A-Punch machine in the Vault.

There’s a door as soon as you drop into the Lab that won’t open. When you stand at the door you’ll see the familiar “You’ll need a source of power!” message but if you put a Wind Turbine down at the door it still doesn’t open. But there’s a secret here with a subtle little hint.

The door has a green lightning sign on it. There’s another one inside the second blastable door in the Vault. If you place a turbine at the door in the lab a hatch in the Vault opens. In the hatch there’s some build items that you can use to build the Pack-a-Punch machine and upgrade your weapons to their super powered versions. 😀 

Electric Zombie Boss

When you flick the power switch the machine in the center of the white room begins to open up and a chamber comes out from the top with the Electric Zombie in it, he then disappears. The electric zombie is part of some of the achievements in Tranzit mode.

PRO TIP – Shoot through Shutter Door Glitch

It’s also electrified in the middle room as the Zombie gets released (does no damage to players, just slows you down) and the door between the Lab entrance and the white room shutter comes down – trapping sometimes a dozen or more Zombies in that room. As it turns out you are able to shoot the zombies through the door while they’re trapped because the collision detection (we’ll see if Treyarch fix that in a future title update) doesn’t work well with the shutter door 😀

Other things in that room.

There’s 4 more build items in the room up the stairs.

Wire for Windgun and pieces for Electric Trap

In the room up the stairs there is a workbench and all the parts to make the Electric Trap and the wire used to make the Wind Gun is found in the lower part of the room.

Tombstone Perk

The Tombstone perk is also bought in this room. It costs 2000 per use and allows you to reclaim your weapons after being downed. It also allows you to kill yourself at any point while your downed. If you get revived before you die you will lose your tombstone and need to buy another. There’s a 5 point achievement for collecting your Tombstone.

Open the shutter without turning on the power

If you get stuck in the Lab and need to get out quick you can use a Wind Turbine at the shutter door.

This post has been part of my Definitive Black Ops 2 Green Run Tranzit Guide