Black Ops 2 Tranzit Mode – Green Run Zombies Guide

Written by Will on November 13, 2012 and posted in Guides and Walkthroughs.

Black Ops 2 Tranzit Guide

Black Ops 2 has a new type of Zombies mode. It’s called Tranzit and it allows you to jump on a bus and move between maps in the game. It follows a similar model as the Black Ops 1 Zombies – it is played by up to 4 players at once, you must face endless waves of Zombies increasing in strength, you must buy weapons from the markings on the wall. There’s also been some interesting additions to this mode compared to the old one: You can now travel between maps and you can now build things.

The Bus

In Tranzit mode your are able to travel between different maps or sections using the bus. The bus driver by a pretty run down automated robot. He looks like he’s a Zombie so nobody will think any less of you if you accidentally slash or shoot at him haha. There are a total of 5 stops for the bus and it circles through them in order.

  1. The Bus Depot
  2. The Diner/Garage
  3. The Farm
  4. The Power Station
  5. The Bank Vault

There are also some sections that the bus doesn’t stop at where you can get weapons or find some of the items to make the Jet Gun and Navcard Reader.

  1. The Tunnel
  2. The Corn Fields
  3. The Cabin
Bus Upgrades

The Tranzit bus has 3 upgrades for it. They are found in the rooms that you need to power with the Wind Turbine item.

Black Ops 2 Tranzit Zombies Bus Screenshot

You can see the front grill attached to the bus in this shot. When the bus hits a Zombie the grill kills it instantly.

There’s an achievement to get by upgrading the bus with all 3 parts

The items in spawn randomly in different rooms each time and a total of 5 different rooms they might be in – with 5 rooms and only 3 items that means that 2 of the rooms won’t have a piece every time you play. The 3 pieces of the bus are:

  1. Front Grill – by far the most useful piece, it’s the only one that kills Zombies. Attach this to the front of the bus and it stops Zombies climbing in the front window by instantly killing every one it comes in contact with. Players do not take damage from this.
  2. Ladders – lets users climb to the roof of the bus from outside it. Allows people to climb over the bus as some of the stops the bus gets in the way of you running away to heal or reload.
  3. Roof Hatch – goes on the roof of the bus or the diner. Allows players to move between the inside and the roof of the bus at will. At first putting the hatch on the bus seems like opening a door for Zombies to climb in but if zombies get to the hatch before you add this item they just smash it open anyway. you cannot climb out the smash hole, only once you attach the hatch can you climb out. The best use for this it to put the hatch in the diner.

Can the Hatch in Tranzit Zombies only be used once?

I’ve been asked a lot of times since I started writing these guides can the hatch in Tranzit Zombies only be used once? The answer is yes, the hatch in Tranzit Zombies can only be used once per game and it’s probably best to put it on the Diner roof.

Black Ops 2 Tranzit Mode Buildable Items

In Tranzit players are able to find parts dotted around the map. These parts get used at any a workbench to create different items to help you survive the waves. There are a total of 5 different buildable items: The Wind Turbine, The Zombie Shield, The Machine Gun Turret, The Electric Trap and The Jet Gun.

The Wind Turbine

You can use the Wind Turbine to power doors around the world, this is the Tranzit power souce. You will come across certain doors and rooms that say “You require a source of power to open this door”. If you use the Wind Turbine at one of these doors they will open after a few seconds. You can also power up the Vending Machines around the place. The Perk Machines also switch on when you turn on the power but if you want a revive or a perk before that then you can use the turbine.

To build the Turbine you need 3 items. All 3 are found in the room you start in at the Bus Depot.

  1. Mannequin – In the middle of the room loaning against the bus map
  2. Fan Blades – On the seats by the Workbench
  3. Tail Fin – Found near the lockers
Zombie Shield

You can place the Zombie Shield on the ground in front of you and it will serve as a barrier between you and the Zombies however it is best used as a weapon. When you equip the Zombie Shield you can pound it into Zombies sending them flying and causing an instant kill in most situations. Multiple zombies can be smacked with one attack.

You need 2 pieces to build the Zombie Shield. They can both be found in the diner area at the 2nd Bus Stop (first place the bus travels to)

  1. Car door – Found in the garage, you need to buy open the door. It can often be found attached to the car but it can move around the garage. Other places it can be found: in the bathroom of the garage, on the table in the room with the car.
  2. Dolly – This one is in the diner, you need to buy open the door. Once inside look around for the dolly, it moves around A LOT. It’s in the building somewhere, sometimes it’s behind one of the tables, sometimes it’s behind the counter.
Machine Gun Turret

The Machine Gun Turret is an auto-turret that when placed begins shooting at any incoming zombies. It needs 3 pieces to build and they are all found at the 3rd Bus Stop.

  1. Machine gun – found in either house or barn
  2. Ammo Pouch – found in living room or kitchen of house
  3. Lawnmower – found around sides of house
Electric Trap
  1. TV tube – found on windows up stairs from bench.
  2. Car battery – found on barrels around the same area
  3. Tesla Ball – assembly found usually beside the Tombstone Soda
The Jet Gun
  1. Jet engine – found in the tunnel located between Bus Stop 1 and Bus Stop 2
  2. Wire found – in the same area as the Electric Trap parts
  3. Headlight – found in the cabin where the Bowie Knife is. Between Bus Stop 4 & Bus Stop 5
  4. Handle – found in WaW map par in corn maze on right side of the road between Bus Stop 3 & Bus Stop 4

Black Ops 2 Green Run Tranzit Power Source

Tranzit Source of Power

You’ll come across a load of doors that say “You’ll need a source of power!“. People have mistaken the message as needing to turn the power on to open the door but that’s not the case. To open the doors that need a source of power you will need to build the Wind Turbine and then place it down next to the door. The doors do not open when you switch on the power at the Power Station. The Wind Turbine needs 3 pieces. They are all found in the starting room of Green Run and are detailed in the buildable items part of this guide.

How to turn the power on in Tranzit Green Run

In addition to the Wind Turbine it is also possible to actually turn the power on in Black Ops 2 Tranzit. There are a few benefits to doing so: Firstly turning the power on activates the vending machines that give players perks. Before turning on the power you could use the Wind Turbine, but what if you had collected a Zombie Shield in area 2 and no longer had a turbine? Secondly turning on the power releases the Electric Zombie in the Power Station. There’s an achievement for killing him and it’s part of another achievement that involves listening to the voices.

Locations of the Perk machines and Weapons in Green Run

Where the Perk Machines are Found

There are 6 perk machines in Green Run Tranzit.

  • Quick Revive – at the Bus Depot inside – 1500 points
  • Speed Cola – in the Diner next to the MP5 – 3500 points
  • Double Tap 2 – in the barn at the Farm on the upper level – 2500
  • Tombstone – in the room just beyond the Lab – 2000 points
  • Staminup – downstairs in the bar at the Bank/Town – 2000 points
  • Juggernog – upstairs in the other building at the Bank/Town – 2500

Green Run Locations of Weapons on the Wall

In Black Ops 2 Zombies there is bundles of weapons to choose from. These weapons are spread around all of Green Run on the walls available to buy at varying prices. You always start with the same pistol when you spawn – the M1911 – but you can choose an improved weapon almost as soon as you start killing the Zombies. Note that although most of the weapons don’t move there’s an amazing 3-round-burst pistol on the inside roof of the bus.

Wall Weapons The Bus Depot

There are 2 extra weapons at the Bus Depot in Black Ops 2 Tranzit. One is a rifle, the other a shotgun. The mystery box can appear here outside the building (right next to where the bus stops) when it moves.

  1. M16 – in the starting room near the magazine racks.
  2. Olympia – in the starting room as well.
Wall Weapons at The Diner/Garage

There are 2 weapons here, both inside The Diner and the mystery box appears just inside the main door of the Garage.

  1. MP5 – at one end of the Diner, next to the Perk Machine
  2. Galvaknuckle – to reach these you need to use the Roof Hatch on the grill found on the roof of the Diner (opposite side to the MP5) and climb up it. The Knuckles are directly behind you when you climb up. If you use the Roof Hatch here you can’t use if on the bus and vice versa.
Weapons at the Lab

Only 1 wall weapon at the Lab.

  1. AK74u – on the side of the shed you drop into to get inside the Lab.

Additional Info

There’s many other things that I know about Tranzit and while I’m still in the process of writing the guide I’ll put anything that doesn’t fit in a group (or the category isn’t written yet) into this section.

How to Share Money at the Bank

Not many people know this but you can give money to other players at the Bank. To do so you need to have the Galvaknuckles.

Sharing Money with Other Players

Outside of the first vault door is a desk. If you look at one of the drawers in the bottom of the desk you’ll see 2 keys and a glint, exactly the same as the ones inside the vault. If you go prone and punch the keys with the Galvaknuckle you’ll drop 900 points for another player to pick up. It works on the same scale as the normal Bank – costs 100 points for every 1000 you place, giving 900 usable points as the end result.

The Roof Hatch and the Knuckles

You can use the Roof Hatch in 2 places – on the roof of the bus as an upgrade or in the back corner of The Diner allowing you to climb to the roof of it and get the Electric Knuckles for your mêlée attack. The knuckles prevent the Zombies that are on Fire from blowing up when you hit them by electrocuting them to death. Zombies before wave 12 die in 1 hit, Zombies before wave 22 die in 2 hits.

Where is the cabin in Green Run Black Ops 2?

Where is the cabin in Green Run

The Cabin in Green Run Zombies looks like this. If is found between the Lab and the Vault. You can reach it by running back from the Bank/Vault area or forward from the Lab. Or you can just jump off the bus at the hill leading to it.

The Cabin is located between the Lab and the Town/Vault. If you want to know where the Bowie Knife is then you need to know where the cabin is.

To get to the cabin you can run from either the lab or the vault. If running from the Lab then stick to the right side of the road and as soon as there’s a gap go up the hill to find the cabin. If coming from the Vault then you should hug the left side of the road and go up as soon as you can. There is 2 roads you can enter to get to the cabin, each one closer to the nearest map.

Once you find where the cabin in in the mist you’ll be able to go inside and see a sort of ransacked living space. This is where you find the gauge for building the Jet Gun and can buy the Bowie Knife for 3000 points. The Bowie Knife is much stronger than the starting knife but it’s weaker than the Galvaknuckle. Get this if somebody places the hatch on the bus and go for the Galvaknuckle if you manage to get the hatch to the Diner.

Where is the cabin in Green Run – Video

I found this video of where the cabin is on Green Run it’s reached via the running from the lab method. Watch it with the volume turned down tho as the uploader was having mic issues.

In conclusion

I am still in the process of writing this post, check back again for the weapon locations, mystery box spawns, the teddy bears, the electric zombie and who it is, the clues to get into the secret room and what the voices are telling you to do…