COD BO2 BOII Zombies Tranzit

How to turn the power on in Green Run Tranzit – Black Ops 2

A lot of people are needing to know how to turn the power on in Black Ops 2 Tranzit. I have played more Zombies than I’d care to admit and I know exactly how to turn on the power so I thought I’d write a complete guide on everything you need to know to turn on the power and include a bunch of PRO TIPS and help with ever single aspect of the Lab area of Green Run.

COD BO2 BOII Zombies Tranzit

Black Ops 2 Tranzit Mode – Green Run Zombies Guide

This is the definitive guide to Black Ops 2 Green Run Tranzit mode. It’s the new way to play Zombies. My Tranzit guide includes everything about Tranzit Zombies including: the buildable item list and part locations, perk and wall weapon locations, the secrets and Easter Eggs plus tips on how to play the game, get the highest score and survive as long as possible.

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Modern Warefare 3 – 6 Hour Campaign

Modern Warefare 3 is about to hit stores near you. Are you excited about the single player or multiplayer? Multiplayer obviously, the single player campaign will only give you between 6 and 12 hours gameplay. 12 hours being if you play the game twice! Grab your controllers and get ready, this game is going to be BIG!

Battlefield 3 – Scopes, Gadgets, Equipment and Accessories

Battlefield 3 has is a huge multiplayer game, as well as having a seriously epic single player and a co-op mode. It boasts up to 32 players per map and literly hundreds of eqipment-weapon-gadget-scope-accessory combos. Not to mention the amount of vehicle you can take contoll of or be transpoerted by other players in. Multiplayer in this is huge, see the list of gadgets, scopes, equipment and accessories here.