Modern Warefare 3 – 6 Hour Campaign

Written by Will on November 5, 2011 and posted in Reviews and Opinions.

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Modern Warfare 3


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As is customary with shoot-em ups they have a short campaign. Modern Warfare 3’s is no different, featuring a roughly 6 hour-long single player campaign. The internet is rife with speculation and best guesses about game length, and while these guesses might be pretty accurate I can tell you now that I have played the entire game – beginning to end – and I finished it on Hard in 7 hours fifteen minutes. And that includes time for me to order and eat a pizza lol.

The game’s length is pretty average, but the gameplay adds a few little things here and there to keep you interested. Things like controlling a fucking Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) and tearing shreds out of enemy soldiers and vehicles! Remote controlled gunner turrets on choppers and even a spot of deep water swimming using a single man motorized propeller for swimming faster – you have to be fast enough to catch a submarine! – help to keep the game ‘fresh’.

With game freshness just being mentioned I’d like to point out that although there are bits and bobs dotted around the campaign to keep it fresh it’s still Call Of Duty. It’s the same as ever, new story, new levels, same gameplay. They have tweaked the game engine to give improved graphics and textures. The scenery does look better and the characters look better than ever but they still move like their elbows are stuck to their sides – blockish.

The story of the game picks up where Modern Warfare 2 ended, your still after Makarov, the Russians are after Europe and you have to stop them. You play from Modern Warfare 2 up untill 2013. The premise is to stop World War 3 from happening, to stop the russians turning Europe to glass and shattering it. Throughout the game you are taken to several different locations around the world including London, Paris, Prague and you even go to Africa. They have done well in making each place feel like it should, or at least how I imagine them to make you feel. I can only comment on the segments of London in the game (It’s the only place I’ve actually been from the list). What stood out to me more than anything (graphics wise) were the Policemen and the Police cars. The officers were very realistic, exactly how I see them walking around town and the behavior is as though they were to take control of a large crowd. The cars on the other hand look like the cars from 10 years ago. As an added bonus you also get to see the Eiffel Tower crumble and collapse.

All in all MW3 is worth playing, the campaign is short and your normal stock shoot-em-up type game but… the length and quality of the single player campaign is still on par with other games of its genre. As always it’s an improvement on the already working formula of the COD games and an improvement over its last iterations (whether you think of that as MW2 or Black Ops)