First clear pics of the Wii U

Written by William on June 15, 2011 and posted in Uncategorized.

As you may be aware Nintendo never done a reveal of the new console at E3, instead opting to show off the tablet based controller instead. There are now fairly clear pictures of the console which still looks an awful lot like the Wii, but with rounded corners.

Here’ the pics I came across on Inside Games Japan site

Here’s the link to the pics in their native Japanese Environment lol. Notice that in the last picture there it explicitly states that it’s “Wired”, does this mean that there will be 2 variants of the console, wired and wireless? or is the “Wired” term referring to something else, like a sensor bar or some form of wireless imaging data to the TV, sort of like a wireless HDMI port. This could make sense considering the way that you Push the image from controller to TV and back.