Team Xecuter Coolrunner Update 13th September

Written by William on September 14, 2011 and posted in Uncategorized.

A lot of you have been waiting on this one since it’s announce a day or so after the original schematic for the reset glitch hack was made public by GliGli. Team Xecuter were quick off the ball with this one but unfortunetaly a lot of other clones/copies/re-designs are already available to purchase from other (reputable and not) companies while this is still in development. Why would you wait on this when you can get something to perform the reset glitch hack right now? We’ll I’ll tell you why I am waiting: Team Xecuter are the best and most well know in the business. I know that my coolrunner from TX will do what I want. I have often been plagued by the “early adopters” syndrome. That is: getting something as soon as possible only to find out a much more feature rich version is already in manufacture and if I had waited a few days/weeks/months depending on the product I would have gotten more bang for my buck. The TX Coolrunner is one of the products that I hope I don’t get EAD (Early Adopters Syndrome) from. I am aware that eventually a better product will be availble but I want my flagship model to be the best possible. When I get my coolrunner I have no doubt that it will execute the reset glitch flawlessly, I have no doubt that other products would do an equally well job. What I do doubt tho is the customer service and support from other lesser know names that I would recieve if I had purchased their product. There are also a few features that the team are keeping to themselves.

TX support is second to none, and although I will, 99% of the time, not need it – I am glad to know that if I need any support it will be there for me. Support comes from TX themeselves and other customers through their forums. The forum users being both knowledgable on all things Xecuter as well as being lightning quick with their replies (lightning quick with the wit too!).  The only support forum (in the case of 360 modding) even close to being as good is the next biggest name in the biz: Team Maximus.

What you get with a Team Xecuter Coolrunner is quality, support, functionality to perform the glitch as well as a few features that TX are keeping close to their chest. Secret features that nobody else has.

Here’s what TX had to say about the V.3 completion:

team xecuter coolrunner 360 glitch chip

Team Xecuter's reset glitch hack chip. the Coolrunner

We have just completed v3 of the CoolRunner mod design for the Reset Glitch Hack
and have deviated quite a lot from the original schematic released by GliGli /

Booting is now pretty much 100% accurate and is a very clean /
solid install with a couple of extra features that others don’t

Still want to keep details close to our chest as there are a lot of
other cloners/copies/alternative versions of the original public schematic.
Naturally you can trust Xecuter as always

Price is still on target for
RRP $19.99 and should be in stores next week.