Gboot for Reset Glitch – The Russians are hard at work

Written by William on September 19, 2011 and posted in Uncategorized.

The Russians hackers have stuck again with this one. First with the MXIC versions of the spi locked Xbox 360 Slim drives to enable flashing. A resister method they created has now been turned into an unlock board or and unlock probe by Team Xecuter dubbed “Sputnik360”. Now they are working on a rebooter of sorts for the new Reset Glitch Hack (RGH). Named “Gboot” it currently only supports the loading of 1 game from a hard coded location (hopefully you can just rename the directory to something else and name a different game folder to that which coincides with that hard coded location every time you want to play a different game). Currently only a developer version we could expect public release in a couple of weeks. Here’s what was said over at Hackfaq.

Gboot is working

Today it’s not a great day, for the J-Tag owners. After some weeks with a lot of work, it is real.

Gboot is running. Gboot is the first kind of rebooter for the Glitch Hack.

Gboot ist no rebooter, like Freeboot. It can actual only boot one game at the time. Now it is a developer version, but there come a ready complete rebooter.

Ok what must you do, to play a game? You need a working Glitch Hack and a dump of the nand.

So why a dump of the nand? We create a nand image with a hacked 13599 Kernel and hardcoded gamepath.

Ok now lets go to Xell Reloaded, we put our fresh generated xenon.elf to a USB drive and plug in into the xbox.

Power on your xbox and enjoy the show.

Yes it works the first game, with a Glitch Hack.

We work hard, that you can enjoy a dashboard like the original, but actual it can only boot a default.xex an nothing other.

And now we feel sorry, for all the J-Tag owners. But guys you are out.

This is a developer version, be patience a public tool comes in a few weeks.