Wind Waker Remake is coming and it’s on the Wii U

Written by Will on January 25, 2013 and posted in Game Art.

There are 2 Zelda games in the works for Wii U. One of them is a brand new title and the other is a remake of the Gamecube title: Wind Waker.

The remake has evolved from testing done for the new game and I have to say I’m so glad they’ve chosen Wind Waker to remake on the Wii U and not Majora’s Mask. It means I can still hold my breath for Majora’s Mask 3DS 😀

The graphics of Wind Waker Wii U are stunning. They look so clear, vibrant and fresh. I know a lot of people were put off by the cartoonish style of Wind Waker, I was in the beginning anyhow but I pushed through and after a few hours they grew on my.

With the new graphics maybe some people who shied away before will give this a shot. Both you and I know that it more than worth at least a single playthrough.

Wind Waker Remake Screenshots

The real reason I’m writing this is just so I can share the screenshots of Wind Waker for Wii U from the video on Nintendo Direct.

I posted about an amazing, make-with-love, Zelda baby blanket on the site last year and some Zelda cakes last week, maybe you’d be interested in looking at those too.

So what do you think about this remake, will you buy it?