Android Honeycomb Tablet Games for February and March 2012

Written by Will on February 16, 2012 and posted in Reviews and Opinions.
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So I got an Android phone and an Android Tablet about 3 weeks ago, the missus promptly had the phone out of my hands before I had even unboxed it but the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is staying strictly by my side. I’ve tested tons and tons of apps and I’m loving the refund ability (first Android device, can you tell?) But today I’m going to talk about the games. High end 3D masterpieces like EA’s Dead Space and some highly addictive classics that I have rediscovered are both under the spotlight.

I found games for RPG fans, FPS fans, Strategy and tactics fans, those who enjoy Simulations and Social games – for both hardcore and casual gamers alike. There are even multiple MMORPG games for Android and many of them are both good and popular enough to make playing them on Android as much fun as playing them on PC. I enjoyed the big named tiles such as Angry Birds, Doodle Jump and Dead Space but I also really liked some of the games that I had never heard of before as Hay Day being the top trending game on iOS and Android, it can be hack by the hay day hack offered at Republic Lab. Read on for the list.

Here is a list of my choice of the best games to keep your thumbs busy this February and into March on your Android Device and be sure to check back next week to see part two of the list.

Angry Birds

Strangely difficult, destructive, action. Shoot birds from a slingshot, destroy the structures, kill the pigs. Simple, right?

Angry Birds contain the latest veriations of the games too, Seasons, Year of the Dragon, Rio and Classic – all levels are present totaling more than 100 unique levels.

imageComplete levels by killing all the pigs, you score high by doing it with the most destruction and the least amount of birds possible. You are awarded a number of stars based on your performance up to a maximum of 3 per level. With the latest addition of ‘Year of the Dragon‘ you can now sling a fish into the level, call a dragon and guarantee a win – but only once an hour. They couldn’t make it too easy could they?

UPDATE: Angry Birds Space is out on March 22nd. Rovio have managed to get both NASA and National Geographic involved in this release. Expect maybe a new bird or two and a new ‘lightspeed destruction’ mode. It seems likely (to me) that that Rovio developers will be playing about with the game physics, changing up gravity as would be expected in space. Little else is known at the moment but when more info is available I will make a post about it.


Details on the game are sparse, but Rovio has disclosed that it will be arriving on March 22. For some reason, the company’s recruited NASA and National Geographic as partners in the app’s launch, but it’s unclear how they could fit in besides just providing background imagery for the game.

Dungeon Defenders

Slaughter hundreds of ogres, orks, elves and goblins in this unusual mix between a tower defense game and a 3rd person hack ‘n’ slash. Take control of one of four unique characters each with their own weapons, armour, traps and attacks and play up to 4 player cooperatively online. Defend your crystal from damage, hammering back wave after wave of enemy. Pick up their weapon and armor drops and sell it at the Tavern store allowing you to buy better versions or upgrade your existing equipment. Playing mostly alone? No problem: save up those monies and buy yourself a dragon to kick some serious baddie butt!

Anomaly HD

This is a game from a very uncommon genre: it’s tower offense – directly opposing the highly common tower defense. Troops consist of various vehicles equipped with rocket launchers, turrets and the like. You must pick your path around a predefined set of roads following what you consider to be the best route to your goal. Your route can be changed at any point mid-level but you cannot turn around and you cannot halt your vehicles unless pausing gameplay. Make sure your pick a path that goes nearby any alien items on the way, your Government pays well for them.

Adding to the gameplay are the command abilities you can use. These take shape as area of effect items and are collected as rewards for destroying some enemies. You get things like healing and decoys but also smokescreens and bombs to use when you see fit. Vehicles can be upgraded up to 3 times improving their stats. Each level of the game has a different goal – sometimes to reach an area other times it’s to destroy certain enemies. You tackle a variety of enemy towers each one varying in strength, speed and range of attack.

One word of advice – if it’s big you want to distract it and blow it up fast.

Zombie Dash

Dash past the zombies taking them out with your trusty shotgun. Simple side-scrolling dodge and run game (or ‘runner’ as they are sometimes referred to). You have no control of your speed so you have to be ready to either jump or shoot any zombies in your path. You get 3 hearts correlating to 3 hits. Health can be replenished but it’s few and far between.

Most of the pick-ups are temporary boosts such as a mech suit and bullets for better weapons. High scores are attained by the distance you dash and how many coins you manage to collect.

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump main menu

Doodle Jump is one of those just another go games. It’s so insanely addictive and simple that you can see why it holds a massive collection of ‘best game’ and ‘best seller’ awards from its initial release on iOS. The plot is simple – you have to jump. Falling results in failure and starting over. It’s the perfect example of a ‘casual’ game, everyone will have a turn ir two and no past gaming experience is required. Simply tilt the screen to move from side to side, jump on the various platforms and avoid, or shoot, any obstacles to get a high score. Your points directly tie with how high you manage to climb and various power-ups are dotted throughout the randomly generated game map helping you soar higher faster.

Dead Space

Android version of the multi-platform Dead Space franchise. Think Resident Evil in space and your on the right track. Dead Space has a different take on killing your average space zombie: Don’t aim for the head, shoot off the limbs! I have 2 friends that swear Dead Space is the scariest game they have ever played and if you follow the in game recommendation of playing with earphones then Dead Space for Android definitely has more than it’s share of make you jump moments. The rapidly expanding Dead Space franchise includes CGI feature length films, comics, multi-platform games and a few console exclusive titles. Erie audio, perfect use of lighting and the utmost respect for suspense makes this title a must play for any horror, shooter or zombie game fan a must – offering up the perfect mix of challenge, action and adventure sure to reward and satisfy even the most intense gamer. If you have never played a Dead Space (D9WWP) game before then check this one out and have a taster of the series.

Most of these games work on most Android devices but sometimes there are hardware limitations that prevent them from running on a particular device. I tested and can confirm these games work flawlessly (with exception of Dead Space which needed Chainfire 3D and the Quadcomm plug-in) on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 running on Android 3.2 – Honeycomb. If you have any other game recommendations please let me know, I love gaming and am always on the lookout for new amazing games to try.

If you have played any of these games on other devices please take a second and be helpful by letting me and other readers know if it worked or not by leaving a commend below and be sure to check back next week for part two of this list. Thank You 🙂