Android Games and Android Development

Written by Will on April 20, 2012 and posted in News & Updates.
Angry Birds

Angry Birds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently I’ve spent a lot of time playing Android games. There have been many ones that held my attention. You might have read my earlier post Android Honeycomb Tablet Games for February and March 2012. I still play a few of those games I wrote about there – Dungeon Defenders, Angry Birds.

Cogs screenshot showing the "Siege Engine...

Cogs screenshot showing the "Siege Engine" puzzle; this puzzle involves both gears (left face) and pipes (right face) that must be manipulated ultimately to turn the device's wheels. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since writing that post I have played and enjoyed many more of them. You might have noticed that I’m an Angry Birds fan and the latest addition: Angry Birds Space was no exception. I played the hell out of that game until I had 3 stars for every level. Another one to try is Cogs, it’s a highly addictive puzzle solving game. In Cogs you have to align all the cogs so that the first moving cog affects the machine and start it working. The machines are all sorts of things, flying machines, bells etc each varying in its complexity and some even have multiple solutions. Try it out and let me know if you enjoy it.

The main reason I’m writing about Android games is because the joy I have had playing them has spurred me on to making one myself. I’m starting small with some easy apps, learning the ropes and building my skills, that’s why I need to free up my time for this and can’t worry about other things like house or roofing repairs, I rather get a good roofing company for that, click to read more. Then I’m going to make simple games, something side scrolling games using sprites and fixed graphics before eventually moving to higher end, 3D graphics and a full 3D world. I have already started making a game engine that will accommodate some of the features of a side scrolled game so I may have a working demo before long. I’ve written a few things about Android app development on another one of my sites that I have now dedicated to be my own personal site where I post things about my projects and what I’m up to. I would appreciate it if you would take a peek at them. Android and the Screen Size Dilemma and Android and the Software Version Dilemma.