It’s Halloween again!

Written by William on April 11, 2012 and posted in Uncategorized.
A pumpkin with a goomba carved into it from mario

Light up Goomba Pumpkin

So last year I carved a Goomba pumpkin. It was the very first time I had placed a design on a pumpkin, other than the standard “spiked mouthed pumpkin” that everyone has carved at some point. I learned a lot as I went and this year I plan on using better tools than a screwdriver! Don’t get me wrong it scraped off the outer layers of skin very well but it wasn’t quite accurate enough to get fluid lines and that showed in the finished pumpkin. This year I will have some better tools to get the job done and as such I suspect my design to improve greatly.

My Goomba pumpkin was carved only on one side. This year I am planning on carving both sides of 2 pumpkins. That is 4 designs that need to be decided and converted into a print style so I can trace the major points and cut it out. The designs are your choice! What do you want me to carve?

This will consist of 2 votes: the first is to decide what game and design to make. Then once a few designs have been picked there will be a second vote to decide the individual designs that I will carve.

Please leave your first and second choices in the comments section below to be entered into the vote.