Supposed “News” that Gears is NOT coming to PS3

Written by William on April 7, 2012 and posted in Uncategorized.

Why is it that every few months there is a massive shock news story about Gears of War NEVER coming to PS3? Why is that? Well one theory I read this morning is that it’s main reason is Sony’s relationship with Microsoft and Epic. But what the post actually cited as the main reason being that the main designer in the Gears franchise, Cliff Bleszinski does not like the Dual Shock controller.

Earlier this year Epic Games President Mike Capp said that he “Would Love” to bring Gears to PS3 but now Bleszinski claims he wants to “bury” the question of “Is Gears coming to PS3?”

“I would say in the foreseeable future there’s zero chances of Gears of War being on the PlayStation 3. Can we bury that now? Seriously. It’s like, we have a great deal with Microsoft, they’re a great partner…”

At that point he was interrupted and reminded that Capp said he would love to bring gears over but Bleszinski quickly cut them off with “It’s one of those things that would be exciting news. Hopefully DualShock would get tweaked a little bit, but anyway, enough about that.” Making it look as though he has a problem with Sony’s choice of controller system.

With all Gears titles Microsoft foot the bill for Marketing, saving Epic a hefty wee pile o’ cash making it far more worthwhile staying 360 eXclusive instead of moving to multi-platform.

As the end of the interview approached there was a mockingly sarcastic question from Bleszinski, indicating an obviously stupid question that he has been asked many times. are right on the ball here. They say that this is the end of the Trilogy, not the end of the world. So Bleszinski thanked them for “not being dumb about that” and used his mocking voice to say “Is this the last Gears ever?”. He must be so sick of that question. Of course it’s not!

You can read the whole interview article here.