New Gears Of War Game Confirmed – Reveal On Monday at E3

Written by Will on May 31, 2012 and posted in News & Updates.

New Gears Of War Game – Monday E3 Reveal

LOS ANGELES, CA - DECEMBER 10:  Epic Games des...

Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski, Los Angeles, California. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Well I’ll be damned, there’s a new Gears of War game coming out but OXM ran an interview with Cliff Bleszinski stating that Epic have shelved Gears of War for the moment citing that Epic Games wanted to work on other things for a while.

But then my world caves in! When GameInformer revealed next month’s magazine cover I could never have guessed what I would see. The cover features nothing other than a shadowy Gears of War picture! It clearly depicts 2 COG soldiers and someone who greatly resembles Marcus Fenix, blacked out, in handcuffs. You can also see some Reavers flying in the background with flaming buildings also visible.

There are scenes in all 3 of the Gears of War games depicting Marcus confined in a cell or imprisoned. In the latest of the game, Gears 3, the scene depicts Marcus in Prison after him disobeying orders, causing the loss of many lives, while he tried – and failed – to rescue his father. The scene formed the introduction to the game and later boar some relevance when it turned out that Marcus’ father was still alive.

Currently all we have to go on is the single image used on the GameInformer cover to go on but the Microsoft conference at E3 on Monday will reveal more and make the official announcement for the new Gears of War game, which is still untitled.GameInformer July Edition Cover showing a new Gears of War game. 2 cogs taking marcus fenix to prison in handcuffs

Are Bulletstorm Developer, People Can Fly, Making the New Gears of War game?

With the interview that OXM ran in which Bleszinski stated Epic had “shelved” Gears of War for now that leads me to only one conclusion: It’s not being developed by Epic Games at all. It could well be the Bulletstorm developer – People Can Fly – or another company all together. Could this finally be a multi-platform game? The game that everyone has made up things about since 2006? That PS3 Gears of War game? I’m not too sure but expect the rumors to go crazy about that over the weekend while we all wait on the official reveal.

Eurogamer have also ran an article suggesting that the Bulletstorm Dev might be the ones to make the new Gears of War game too.

A friend or a friend just made a very good comparison to me. He compared this to the Halo games: Eventually Halo Wars was released, and it wasn’t a FPS  – it was a Real Time Strategy game. A war game. Gears of War could also follow suit and release a RTS game, all the mechanics are there technically. It could work.

But let’s all wait and see, I’ve just bulled some random ideas out of my head and speculated what it could be. Nothing is yet official. Epic have been asked for a statement and I’ll update this post should Epic Games issue a reply.