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Written by Will on August 4, 2012 and posted in Uncategorized.

Other Game Wallpapers Worth Seeing – Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Okami

I’m putting the whole gallery in the next page but there were a few that I though really deserved a featured spot.

Amaterasu from Okami. Art style of the game has been captured perfectly

Check out this Okami wallpaper. It looks like it was painted back in classical Japanese history onto parchment – captures the art style of the game perfectly

I never played Okami when it came out on PS2 back in 2001, apparently not many people did. I played it on the Wii with motion controls – as did most people – where the huge following comes from. They are working on a 360 and PS3 version just now.

When it comes to game wallpapers this is one of the coolest ones I have in my collection.

Nice colorful pokemon desktop wallpaper from pokemon Silver/Gold. From left to right: Mew, Phione, Jirachi, Celebe

From left to right: Mew – Pink, Phione – Blue, Jirachi – Yellow and Celebi – Green

Pokemon is always popular every generation. Pokemon Black and White 2 are both out yet. I think it’s a strange choice for them to release it on DS when the 3DS has already been out for a year but maybe they have a 3DS game in the works just now too.

Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts 2 wallpaper frim the PS2 Features Roxas and Sora both with a Keyblade

Roxas and Sora Kindgom Hearts II wallpaper

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance 3D is available now on 3DS. I’m looking forward to playing it, are you?

All of these wallpapers are in a gallery on the next page as well as the rest of my new collection.