Final Fantasy Cosplay

Written by Will on January 2, 2013 and posted in Cosplay.

Final Fantasy is one of the biggest game franchises of all time. It’s also one of the biggest sources of video game cosplay. Rightly so too – you see ancient Peoples used to dress up like animals and Gods and reenact stories so it only makes sense for one of the biggest role-playing games ever released to us gamers gets the same treatment.

FFVII Vincent Cosplay - Game Cosplay

Frequently I’ve noticed that woman cosplay men better than the men themselves. This Vincent cosplay is one of those cases.

When I think of Final Fantasy cosplay I think of a few certain characters: Cloud and Sephiroth from FF VII, Yuna, Lulu and Riku from FF X and Lightning and Vanille from XII and XII-2. All of those characters certainly have decent cosplays but there’s a few less common FF cosplays I plan on including in future posts.

Final Fantasy – Female Cosplay

The girls get all the glory when it comes to FF cosplay. It’s for one simple reason: Girls who play Final Fantasy cosplay are sexy! They get dressed up in their sexy cosplay outfits and to add to the attraction is that they love video games just as much as us geeky gamers, and we know everyone like sexy girls, that’s why people sometimes get services as london escorts to add some enjoyment to their lives.

Yuna Cosplay

Yuna is probably the most common cosplay from Final Fantasy. So in that spirit here’s a few pics that are just about her.

Other Female Final Fantasy Cosplays

There’s a bunch of other female characters in Final Fantasy so I shouldn’t just focus on Yuna, should I? Here’s a few more of the girls like Aerith, Vanille and Lighting.

Final Fantasy Mage Cosplay

Every single Final Fantasy has a Mage of some sort. They normally come in Black, White and Red Mage forms but occasionally, story dependent, there’s Blue and Green magic too. No Final Fantasy cosplay collection would be complete without including some Mages.

The 3 ordinary Mage types Black, Red and White Mages with a little added extra: a Moogle. Kuppo!

The 3 ordinary Mage types Black, Red and White Mages with a little added extra Moogle. Kuppo!