Hot Chicks Gallery

Hot Chicks Gallery

I tried to not include pictures of hot chicks semi-naked on my website, I really did but when you see pictures of Jessica Nigri at PAX East dressed as Lollipop Chainsaw‘s main character – Juliet Starling – and read about her being asked to change what she is wearing because it was too saucy for the show you gotta write something about it, don’t you? It was certainly gaming related. When I was looking up about Jessica I found out she done other cosplay. Jessica Nigri hot cosplay extended to Gears of War’s Anya, Pokemon’s Pikachu, Dragonair, Mew and more, Dragon Age’s Morrigan and tons more! When looking at Jessica’s cosplay I found pictures of tons of other amazing game cosplay so I both a Jessica Nigri Cosplay Gallery and a Hot Chicks Cosplay Gallery.Enjoy!

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Hot Game Cosplay Chicks

Facing the dilemma of \"How do I get hot chicks on the site?\". Hot Cosplay Chicks was the answer.

Jessica Nigri Cosplay

Jessica Nigri is a well known cosplayer. She has done photoshoots as Pikachu, Dragonair, Zubat, Mew and Zangoose from Pokemon, Anya Stroud from Gears of War and Chainsaw Lollipop. Here\'s a collection of some of her Cosplay pics.

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