Minecraft Team

Minecraft Video Team

Here at Gaming Now I’ve played Minecraft quite a bit over the last few months. I started playing on Xbox but I moved onto PC because of all the mods. I started playing Tekkit and set up a server for it. The server ran on the very server that is running this site right now! The problem with that was it wasn’t designed to run games – it has no graphics card at all! At most Tekkit took up 10% of the server’s processor (when I blew up 50 nukes haha) but it still lagged up a bit at times.

Minecraft Server

So we got a dedicated server. We played a lot of Tekkit, some Vanilla and I experimented with the mods. Now it is time to extend into doing Minecraft Videos and to do that I’ve decided to take on some additional staff here at Gaming Now. I don’t pay them in money, I pay them in cookies and they are happy to be here playing games.

Meet the team

Introducing the dedicated Gaming Now Minecraft Team: WynterRose, Potts2k8 and Hotmammy2008. There’s also me,WilliamPatton, and Ciaron, who prefers just to be called ‘Player’ cos he didn’t change it when he started Miencraft for the first time lol!





Ciaron (AKA Player)