funny achievement unlocked image. says 100g - played halo reach too much

Halo Bingeing

Halo Reach is super addictive! Tumbleweed always brings game, he runs and guns, shoots and loots and now he chases down and kills other Spartans in the assassination bender of the year! A Full 18 hours in the game, with over 150 assassinations in a single session. This is 1 assassin you don’t need to meet in a dark alley on matchmaking.

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I am so fuckin ragin i thought i would just tell every1 how ragin i am definetly a 10/10!! fuckin stupid scripted parts with fuckin turrets an fuckin dropships an fuckin bad guys an those fuckin gunships an the stupid …

HALO 4!!!

IT IS CONFIRMED!!! HALO 4!!! supposedly it is going to be an all new trilogy starring the chief (of course) it was confirmed at E3 along with the halo : combat evolved re-make. So far no halo campaign has compared …