Secret Locations in Black Ops 2 Tranzit – Cabin, Tunnel, Corn Maze

Written by Will on December 14, 2012 and posted in Guides and Walkthroughs.

Black Ops 2 Tranzit is a massive game mode. When I started playing it and toying with the idea of writing a guide about the Easter Eggs and the secrets of Green Run I had no idea just how massive the game mode would become. I’m finding more secrets and hearing more rumours every day – it was just a few days ago that I had found out about the Perma Perks!

There are some secret, or hard to reach, areas in the game that have build pieces or good weapons to hold off the Zombies. Most of the secret areas in this post are hidden in the fog but a few of them are right at one of the stops but maybe need one or two more steps to reach the rewards – like getting the Bowie Knife or Galvaknuckle.

Secret areas in the fog

The Tunnel

The Tunnel is located between the Depot and the Diner and can be reached in any of 3 ways:

  • Jumping off the Bus
  • Running forward from the Depot
  • Running back from the Diner
Things to note at the Tunnel

The M16 is located here along the Catwalk to the side. You can also find 2 build items: The Jet Engine and the Board used for the Wind Gun and the Navcard Reader. You can read more about the buidable items in tranzit in the main gu

There’s 2 main things to be found in the Corn Fields: The Pylon and Nacht Der Totten (the first Zombies map and one of the Black Ops 2 Easter Eggs). Before you think about these 2 locations you need to know your way around the corn maze because the entire corn field is in the fog. Being in the fog means you have the Denzians to deal with as well as the Zombies so when your planning on running around the fields you should ideally have a partner keeping the last zombie alive as a crawler.

Plenty of people have problems trying to navigate the Corn Maze and get lost so you need to know where your going before you get there because you don’t want to get lost in the fog – much less in a maze in the fog!

How to navigate the Corn Maze in Black Ops 2

The Corn Maze has been quite tricky to navigate when I’ve been panicked chased by a zombie so I’ve wrote a separate guide on safely navigating the corn maze but there are 2 main areas for you to know about in it.

The Pylon – The Pylon is where you build the Navcard Reader and plays a vital role in the Tower or Babel Easter Egg.

Nacht Der Totten – This is the original Zombies map from away back before Black Ops 1. In Black Ops 2 the map is there just for nostalgia reasons. You can’t go up stairs or rebuild barricades on windows or anything. The Radio needed for the Navcard Reader can sometimes be found here.

Where is the Cabin in Tanzit

Some of you are having problems finding the Cabin when your playing on Green Run. It can be found between the Lab and the Town/Vault. Jump off the bus BEFORE it stops at the town. I’ve written another guide that has a video with it to show you exactly where to get off and run for to find the Cabin, the Bowie Knife and the Gage for the Wind Gun.

Hidden or hard to reach areas in Black Ops 2

There’s a few things that some people have problems finding in Tranzit. Things like the Cabin and where the mystery box moves to but there’s a few things people just plain don’t know about. I often get messages asking how to get on the Diner roof or where to buy the Galvaknuckle.

How to get on the Diner roof in Tranzit

Getting on the roof at the diner is easy but it requires a bit of luck, or perseverence. You see to get on the roof you need the Roof Hatch which spawns randomly in any of the 5 rooms that say “You’ll need a source of power to open this door!”. There is one at the depot and the second is at the Diner. That means you have 2 chances to get the Roof Hatch before you leave the Diner area. Once you have the Roof Hatch all you need to do is to go into the Diner and put the hatch in place of the grill in the far corner of the building.

The only down side to using the Hatch at the Diner is that if you use it at the Diner then you can’t use it on the bus – and vice versa.

Where is the Galvaknuckle? It’s on the Roof!

The Galvaknuckle is the ultimate melee weapon and is found directly behind you when you climb on the Diner roof. I judge this the ultimate mêlée weapon on the amount of hits required to kill a Zombie and to kill a Denzian. The starter knife takes 5 hits on a Denzian, the Bowie Knife takes 3 and the Galvaknuckle takes just 2 hits to kill it. When it comes to killing Zombies the Galvaknuckle kills them in one hit all the way up to wave 12 – after that it is 2 hits through to wave 25. As an added bonus to the Galvaknuckle’s sheer killing capacity it also prevents flaming Zombies from exploding upon death so it’s a super useful weapon to have.

The one and only drawback of the Glavaknuckle? It costs a hefty 6000 points to buy and when you die you lose it. Other than that there is no reason not to have one! If you can afford it then buy it.

PRO TIPS – Beat the bus in Tranzit

There’s a few ways you can beat the bus to whatever place on the Tranzit map you need to get to. You can run ahead, teleport and more.

Get to the 2nd area before the Bus

You can reach the Diner before the bus if you escape the first room quickly and run the bus route on foot. Running this way leads to the Tunnel and then through the Tunnel leads to the Diner.

Early Teleporters

There are certain lamp posts that can be powered and used to teleport to another random lamp-post. To do this you need to power one of the teleport lamp posts (you can do this before you turn on the power by using a Wind Turbine) and lead a Denzian beneath it. It will then jump dig a hole into the ground that will glow white and when you jump into it you are teleported.

Early Teleport Locations

The 2 earliest locations to teleport from are behind the Bus before it leaves the Depot and at the exit of the Diner map.

Open the second door in the Lab before the power is on

You can open the shutter door in the Power room before you flick the switch or even while you wait on the power to come on. If you place a Turbine next to the shutter it will open before the power comes on and you can turn on the power, catch the bus (and if you have the ladders on the bus) place a turbine to open the pack a punch room all in a single visit and still have time to catch the.bus and buy an AK74u.