Black ops 2 Zombies Perma Perks Guide – Tranzit Permanent Perks

Written by Will on December 9, 2012 and posted in Guides and Walkthroughs.

How to unlock Black ops 2 Zombies Perma Perks

Black Ops 2

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In Black Ops 2 Zombies gametypes like Tranzit, Highrise and Origin there are normal perks that you can buy from the vending machines and then there are other perks. Ones that are persistent between games, give you much better abilities than those that are on the walls and some of them are even stackable.

List of the Permanent Perks

Update: There are another 2 confirmed perma perks: Red Instakill and Perma Jugg. Red Instakill, or Instakill Touch, gives a headshot every time you touch a Zombie. You know you have it when you see a small red skull logo above the white one at the beginning of an Instakill. Perma Jugg gives you Juggernog without buying it. You know you have it when you can take 4 hits before you buy Juggernog.

The 3 originally found perma perks info is found below and there is a new section at the end of the article about the new ones.

UPDATE2: There’s a ton more perma-perks added to this post. Documenting them all completely would require me to write a whole not set of posts so instead I’ve just added videos here of how to get them and what they do.

There are a total of three five confirmed Black ops 2 Zombies perma perks. 2 3 of them are unique (unable to buy from the perk-a-cola machines).

  1. Quick Revive – Revive other player in just 2 seconds.
  2. Deadshot Daiquiri – Increases damage multiplier when aiming for the head.
  3. Steel Barriers – Takes Zombies longer to destroy barricades.
  4. Red Instakill – During Instakill allows you to kill zombies by simply running into them.
  5. Perma Jugg – Gives the same effects as buying a Juggernog.

There are some suggestions that there are some other perks yet to be discovered such as Juggernog, Speed Cola and Tombstone.

How to unlock the Black Ops 2 Perma Perks

You can unlock two four of the perma-perks without the help of another player but for Quick Revive you’ll need someone else to die many times lol.

You will know you’ve unlocked the perks when you see a little green mist effect appear as you complete the required challenge.

Quick Revive Permanent Perk:

How to get Quick Revive: By reviving a teammate between 12 & 20 times in a game. It usually ends up being 16 times when we’ve tried it.
Best Way to get Quick Revive: Have your teammates get knock down by zombies or lava in the early waves until you see the green mist blob.
What Quick Revive does: Gives you a 2 second revive just like you would have had if you had bought a Quick Revive at the start.
Quick Revive Pro: After you get the quick revive perma-perk or as long as you have it in-game, buy quick revive from the machine and you’ll now be able to revive teammates in one second.

Deadshot Daiquiri Permanent Perk

How to get Deadshot Daiquiri: Kill two zombies with a double head shot (heads will explode) with one bullet.
Best Way to get Deadshot Daiquiri: Let the zombies group together in a train while they are chasing you and once they are all grouped, turn around and aim for the heads while they are chasing you in a single line. Hopefully you’ll kill two and get this perma perk.
What Deadshot Daiquiri does: Gives you a higher damage multiplier when aiming for the heads. Kills zombies like you were aiming for the head even when your shooting at the body without buying the perk.

Steel Barriers Permanent Perk

UPDATE: There’s actually 2 different Steel Barricades upgrades, one that allows you to build them and another that allows you to have carpenter build them.
How to unlock Steel Barriers: By rebuilding the wooden barriers 50-75 times.
Best Way to get Steal Barriers: Do this in an early round and keep rebuilding barricades before zombies get in using the in-out rebuild trick. Even do it on the bus is a good idea.
What it does: Barriers are made of steel when you rebuild them and give you an extra few seconds before zombies can tear the barriers from the windows.

Carpenter Update

How to unlock Carpenter Steel Barrier upgrade: Killing a zombie as it climbs through the barricade at the exact time carpenter is rebuilding the barriers.

Red Instakill and Perma Jugg

These two perma perks were discovered long after this post was originally written. I’ve gone though and updated the relevant parts of the post but I’ve also written guides specifically for each of the two new found perks. You can find the Instakill Guide here and the Permanent Jugg Guide here or you can just watch the videos of how to get them below.

More Perma Perks

Again they added more of the perks after I updated this post. There’s been a couple more of them found that let you buy the raygun from the wall, get money back from buying perks, php flopper and more. Here’s the rest of the perks that I know about.

Cashback Perk

Mystery Box Upgrade Perma Perk

PHP Flopper Perk

The Half Price Perks… Perk

Tombstone Permaperk

Sniper Perma Perk – Longshot

Upgrade Pistol Accuracy PermaPerk

Raygun from the Wall

In Conclusion

If you’ve found any more of the perks or have a method you use to unlock these please share it in the comments section.

This guide has been part of my complete Black Ops 2 Tranzit Guide. I’ve written a few more parts of the guide too, if you need to know how to turn on the power in Green Run Tranzit or unlock the pack a punch machine in Black Ops 2 Zombies mode then check those guides too.