Gears of War 3: The New Weapons part 1

Written by William on August 15, 2011 and posted in Uncategorized.

The Digger Launcher

This is a Locust weapon, and has a trajectory type aiming system similar to a grenade (which makes sense being that it actually started out asĀ  grenade and evolved into this. See the end of this description for more info) and is just as powerful, or possibly more so, than a frag grenade.

It fires a small creature called a digger. Attached to the digger is an explosive device. The digger burrows into the ground and quickly heads in the direction fired. While digging through the ground it kicks up dirt and paving and emits a loud, high pitched screech making it’s use obvious and allowing the target time to run. If fired right through an enemy the digger munches his way through the opponent spraying blood everywhere. Once the digger reaches it’s trajectory it pops up into the air for around 2 seconds and then explodes – firing shrapnel everywhere. I have seen chests munched right through and heads actually

explode from the shrapnel!!

At Comic-Con 2010, someone asked about where the inspiration for the Digger Launcher came from. Cliff revealed that it took a lot of inspiration, and Rod explained that it started as a grenade that the player slammed into the ground. However, the team decided that they didn’t want any more grenades in the game, so it evolved from there. Cliff additionally commented, “If you listen closely, as the Digger is heading for you, you can hear it say “Nom nom nom nom nom.”

The One-Shot

This is a COG weapon, a sniper rifle, requires a few seconds charge time (can only charge while using ADS). It has a red laser sight visible to all players so hitting someone with this req

uires a little bit of luck or a lot of skill. The name for the One-Shot comes quite simply from the fact that it’s almost guaranteed to be a 1 hit kill, at least in multi-player anyway. A single shot will vaporize your enemy into the red mist.

It is so powerful that it can destroy a boomshield with just 1 round!