Gears of War 3: The New Weapons part 2

More weapons new for Gears 3: The Multi-Turret, The Vulacan Cannon and The Sawed-Off Shotgun. Multi-Turret houses multiple Lancers, Retro Lancers or Boomshots, The Vulcan is a two man portable turret of sorts, one to shot, one to carry the ammo box and reload. Sawed-Off is super high powered but very low range, you almost have to be touching your target with this gun but it’s an almost definite kill.

Gears of War 3: The New Weapons part 1

The Digger Launcher and The One-Shot are both new to Gears of War 3. Both these devastating new guns pack a punch. The One-Shot literally destroys your foes in one shot and the Digger Launcher fires projectiles that dig underground and can pass under cover before shooting up and exploding by your enemy. Additionally the Digger Launcher can be shot through an enemy’s chest at close range.