Link “I’m Just One Boy!”

Written by William on April 5, 2012 and posted in Uncategorized.

You are a small boy in a large map, Link, the humble Hero of Time. You are clad in a green tunic bearing little weapons or defenses for yourself. You must traverse large areas and solve complicated puzzles, fight huge beasts and destroy evil do-ers through ought.. All to assemble the Triforce and save the Princess … and the world.

This is Link, our humble Hero of Time

The Triforce consists of 3 golden prisms, each bearing it’s will to courage, power and wisdom.

Throughout the adventure numerous magical items come into your possession, each allowing you further progression throughout the land. There is a magic sword dubbed The Master Sword (link throws them away he has hundreds lol) that is usually the only way to defeat the last boss of the game, in most iterations, Gannon. There is usually 2 separate worlds entwined. The dark world and the light world. The dark world being the manifestation of Gannon‘s will to turn all good to evil and become supreme ruler. In almost all cases you must save the princess most commonly Princess Zelda, with her flowing blonde hair and her pink royal gown.

Once you defeat Gannon, rescue Zelda and finally save the world there is a party in your honor and an ending scene customarily showing almost all of the characters you encounter while playing the game.

All an easy feat for our Hero Of Time and in the next Zelda post we shall delve more into the creation and development of the character of Link himself

“As a note my favorite game has been The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past from the SNES”