Silver Skyrim Dragon Logo custom cut xbox case and controller. Almost finished, needs a few final coats of paint

Custom Skyrim Xbox – modded case.

This is a completely unique, xbox 360 console. Nobody else has this Silver Skyrim Dragon Logo Xbox 360 console. It was made with love and care and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole project and I expect I’ll do more of these soon enough.

mw3 paris

Modern Warefare 3 – 6 Hour Campaign

Modern Warefare 3 is about to hit stores near you. Are you excited about the single player or multiplayer? Multiplayer obviously, the single player campaign will only give you between 6 and 12 hours gameplay. 12 hours being if you play the game twice! Grab your controllers and get ready, this game is going to be BIG!

Battlefield 3 – Scopes, Gadgets, Equipment and Accessories

Battlefield 3 has is a huge multiplayer game, as well as having a seriously epic single player and a co-op mode. It boasts up to 32 players per map and literly hundreds of eqipment-weapon-gadget-scope-accessory combos. Not to mention the amount of vehicle you can take contoll of or be transpoerted by other players in. Multiplayer in this is huge, see the list of gadgets, scopes, equipment and accessories here.

Classic Game Characters

So I was thinking “What’s is my favourite game character of all time?”. I couldn’t answer it, there are loads: Mario, Yoshi, Sonic, Link, Kirby which one’s my favourite? I don’t know, do you know your favourite? I’m praticing my Photoshop painting …

arkham asylum wallpaper thumb

Batman: Arkham Asylum Review

Batman Arkham City improves on all elements of Arkham Asylum. The combat has been improved and made more fluid, featuring double the amount of animations of the previous game. The free roaming area has been made much larger and less time is spent running back and forth. Overall a good experience playing but for me it’s a RENTAL TITLE only.