Classic Game Characters

So I was thinking “What’s is my favourite game¬†character¬†of all time?”. I couldn’t answer it, there are loads: Mario, Yoshi, Sonic, Link, Kirby which one’s my favourite? I don’t know, do you know your favourite? I’m praticing my Photoshop painting …

arkham asylum wallpaper thumb

Batman: Arkham Asylum Review

Batman Arkham City improves on all elements of Arkham Asylum. The combat has been improved and made more fluid, featuring double the amount of animations of the previous game. The free roaming area has been made much larger and less time is spent running back and forth. Overall a good experience playing but for me it’s a RENTAL TITLE only.

Batman: Arkham City Leaked!

I have been sent multiple sets of links from various different file hosts containing a retail rip of Batman: Arkham City. It is an XGD3 game so LT+2.0 is required for play. If you are on the latest firmware then …

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Achievements

Full Skyrim achievement list. Follows the standard 50 achievements for 1000G format. Highest point value is 50G for reaching level 50. I asked Bethesda if this was the level cap and they said that it wasn’t so if you want you can keep going beyond level 50.

zelda skyward sword special edition cover

Zelda Skyward Sword: Screenshots

Skyward Sword is less that 2 months away. With that in mind I have uploaded a load of screenshots that were just taking up space on my desktop. In the screenshots you can see a whole host of new enemies, an intriguing shield bar and Link flying on a bird suggesting that they are going back to the Link to the Past idea of flying for fast travel.

Gears of War 3: The New Weapons part 2

More weapons new for Gears 3: The Multi-Turret, The Vulacan Cannon and The Sawed-Off Shotgun. Multi-Turret houses multiple Lancers, Retro Lancers or Boomshots, The Vulcan is a two man portable turret of sorts, one to shot, one to carry the ammo box and reload. Sawed-Off is super high powered but very low range, you almost have to be touching your target with this gun but it’s an almost definite kill.

Gears of War 3: The New Weapons part 1

The Digger Launcher and The One-Shot are both new to Gears of War 3. Both these devastating new guns pack a punch. The One-Shot literally destroys your foes in one shot and the Digger Launcher fires projectiles that dig underground and can pass under cover before shooting up and exploding by your enemy. Additionally the Digger Launcher can be shot through an enemy’s chest at close range.